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Customize your own vinyl snowboard wrap

Customize your own vinyl snowboard wrap

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We want you to have the coolest possible snowboard - so if our designs don't suit you, you have the option of anything that you can possibly think of. Take a picture of your grandma eating soup and put it on your board. Or copy that one horrible picture of your best friend and make it into a pattern. We'll let you do whatever you want!


I know you probably have some questions, we'll try to answer them now
    • Download our ai template or psd template to put your design together
    • Purchase the custom wrap below, and contact us at with your design file
    • If you are unable to design it yourself, contact us for a design quote. We will be able to use images you provide, or design something custom for you. Rates vary based on design.
    • Your board is gonna look sooooo dope

Strong vinyl designed to withstand the cold, water, and shredding.

For questions see our FAQ or Contact us