Who we are

Norka Sports is a small company of really cool people who like to ski and look good while doing it! 100% American-made, we are proud to introduce our series of vinyl ski and snowboard wraps! These nifty wraps offer a simple solution to no longer looking un-cool.

About you

This isn’t about us… this is about you and your quest for awesomeness. You have an appetite for extremity. You thrive off of the exalted experiences that can only be found while shredding the fresh pow-pow. Gnarrrrrrrrr. As dope as your skills may be, you find yourself in a state of shame. You know you can’t truly stand your ground until you're riding some equipment that doesn’t personify Richard Simmons. Attractive sporting equipment is super-duper expensive. We think this is lame! Being rad shouldn’t be made exclusive to the casually wealthy. And with this concept, Norka Sports was founded; so you can continue to do the extreme-iest stunts ever while looking as gnar as possible without breaking the bank.
There are a few things that drive our vision:

  •  Affordability
  •  Customizability
  •  Awesomeness

So as you try to define yourself through your endless pursuit of looking cool, give those thrift store relics a sexy makeover with one of the tasty designs we’ve created!

<3 Team Norka